BBQ Etiquette – Kingsman Style Fight Scene, Coming Soon

BBQ Etiquette Main PosterAfter watching ‘Kingsman‘ and finishing our exams, the crew and I wanted to let off some steam before starting any serious projects this summer.

Therefore ‘BBQ Etiquette’ was conceived!

We didn’t want to spend too long on this project, so that we could push on to other works during the summer, so we gave ourselves less than a week to do the pre-production, resulting in many sleepless nights.

Analyzing the famous ‘Kingsman’ “one shot” church scene, frame by frame for hours on end, made it clear where the cuts were made.

Using this knowledge and paying homage to the film, we made sure to replicate similar shots from the film itself but through a comical sequence of BBQ mayhem and destruction!

‘BBQ Etiquette’ will be online soon, we hope you enjoy it!


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