WINNER at Screentest 2016

Some of the Bubble Light team and I went up to Screentest: The National Student Film Festival in London this Saturday to watch the nation’s top student short films.

It was a fantastic day out, watching some fantastic shorts with an incredible range.

We had three films screen at the festival: ‘Sea Side’, ‘Tearaway’ and ‘BBQ Etiquette’.

Screentest 2016 woop

Quite extraordinarily, ‘BBQ Etiquette’ was nominated for Best Comedy, Best VFX and Committee’s Choice!

‘Tearaway’ and ‘Sea Side’ both were screened in the festivals “Bad Blood” category of dramas alongside some masterpieces, great to see our work beside such incredible pieces of work.

At the awards evening, BBQ Etiquette WON Best VFX (Visual Effects)! The team are very grateful for the award and it’s great to add the pride to the enjoyment of making the fun pop-up project!

BBQ Etiquette


Sea Side



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