Filming Wrapped, FFH!

Our latest BIG SUMMER PROJECT has been wrapped!

‘Flying with a Fear of Heights’ is Bubble Lights big 2016 project. The long filming process included: falling, suspending, tree climbing and of course, flying! With over a year of pre-production, it certainly feels like a weight off our chest to finally get it all filmed.

Everyone on the team did an amazing job and I’d highly recommend all of them. All that’s left is an endless amount of visual FX, oh joy!

Thats a wrap 2Thats a wrap

We’ll keep you updated with behind the scenes goodness in the coming weeks.

Awesome Crew:

Madalyn by Mkaya Carrigan
Patrick by John Andrews

Seb Cox — Director / DoP / Writer / VFX / Editor
Richard Cox — Props / Costume / Driver / Grip

Georgia Donati Clarke — 1st AD / Continuity / Clapper Loader
Bet Fowler — 1st AD / Sound Recordist / Makeup / Runner / Clapper Loader
Hannah White — 1st AD / Spark / Continuity / Makeup
Cameron Faulkner — 1st AD / 1st AC / Clapper Loader
Natasha Duursma — Driver / Runner / Sound Recordist / Clapper Loader
Matt Salmon — Runner / Clapper Loader / Sound Recordist
Matt Greenwood — Sound Recordist / Stills Photographer / Runner
Jackelina Newson — Makeup / Driver
Chelsea Willgrass — Runner / Clapper Loader
Charlie Welford — Runner / Clapper Loader


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