Making Spooky Portraits

Seb's Hand V1.jpg

Georgia's Jaw V2.jpg

So here are the finished pieces, lets take a haunting tour as to how we did it.

The Hand


First the RAW image file was enhanced and colours manipulated to give:


Next up, we can take away the side of the shirt that shows the arm reaching around to leave a transparent gap.


With this space, the right side can be filled with the shoulder from another photo and the white space can be filled in using a solid layer.

Almost there, just need to isolate the hand and reduce the saturation.

Wala, all done!

The Jaw

Starting with the original RAW files.

which can be graded to become:

First we need to cut a space for the chin.


Next we can place the chin from the second image on top of this one.


Adding details of skin stretching:


Filling the background with texture of “tissue” and shading.

Taking a 3D model of a skull into 3DS Max, the skull can be positioned and lit the same as the photo was taken to match the original.


Once exported, the skull can be placed into the After Effects composition and graded appropriately.

The skull is next added between the image and the background texture and tendons are added.

Finally the image runs through one last quality grade and it is finished!


We hope you enjoy seeing how these images are made. Let us know if you have any more questions by Emailing:

Hope you have a spookilitious Halloween >:]



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