We’re off to NaSTA 2017!

We’re heading to the National Student Television Association (NaSTA) awards for a third year in a row, to represent the University of Sussex’s student TV Channel UniTV!

I have been part of UniTV for three years and have proudly worked on over 60 of their projects alongside my degree.

NaSTA is always an exciting time where student television stations from across the UK get to mingle, knowledge trade and set up connections for future collaborations. Workshops held by industry professionals are always a delight to attend to get a taste of different job roles and routes in you can take.

This year we are thankful the conference is further down south (ish) in Birmingham… the past two years it has taken place in Leeds and Preston, although by the forecast, yet again the weather will be damp AGAIN!

Nevertheless, we are looking forward to the event. I will be representing the following nominations:
UniTV Does Black Mirror: Beautiful Corps. – Best Drama Nomination
UniTV Does Black Mirror: Beautiful Corps. – Best Cinematography Nomination
UniTV Does Black Mirror: Beautiful Corps. – Best Writing Nomination
Cage The Elephant – Black Widow (Music Video) – Best Post-Production Nomination
Science Uncovered – Best Factual Nomination
Science Uncovered – Best Title Sequence Nomination
Seb Cox – Best On-Screen Male Nomination
UniTV – Best Broadcaster Nomination

We’ll keep you updated with the results and will be documenting our adventures at the event!


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