Incredible results at NaSTA 2017

Last weekend the UniTV and Bubble Light Productions teams went to the National Student Television Awards (NaSTA) 2017.

Meeting inspirational speakers, making new contacts and finding that we did exceptionally well at the awards was a bonus to spending an exciting weekend with some of my closest friends!

Here are the incredible list of awards that we won at the event!

Winner Best Drama: ‘UniTV Does Black Mirror
Winner Best Cinematography: ‘UniTV Does Black Mirror
Winner Best Factual: ‘How Many Particles Are You Made Of?
Winner Best Marketing
Highly Commended Best Title Sequence: ‘Science Uncovered
Highly Commended Special Recognition


The pride I have for our small but family-like station is beyond words.
To everyone that helped out with any of the productions submitted to NaSTA, congratulations for stepping outside of your comfort zone and pushing yourself, I certainly thank you for it!

You can check out the award winning projects here:

UniTV Does Black Mirror: Beautiful Corps.

Science Uncovered: How Many Particles Are You Made Of?

Science Uncovered Motion Graphic

We certainly had a great time at the awards…


Photo Credit: Harry Fender, Katie Packer and Tom Ballantyne


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