Vlog: UniTV goes to NaSTA 2017

We documented our National Student Television Association (NaSTA) trip to Birmingham with UniTV (University of Sussex Student Television) and want to take you along for the ride! The event will be held closely within our hearts.

We hope you enjoy the video

UniTV goes to NaSTA 2017 [VLOG]

We had a fabulous time, special thanks to the #NaSTA2017 team that put it together!

Celebrating, as seen in the video, that UniTV did amazingly well at NaSTA this year:

Winner of Best Cinematography, Beautiful Corps.
Winner of Best Drama, Beautiful Corps.
Winner of Best Factual, Science Uncovered
Winner of Best Marketing
Highly Commended Special Recognition
Highly Commended Title Sequence, Science Uncovered

Massive thank you to everyone that has worked on the projects, those that came along to the event, GuildTV and NaSTA teams that arranged the fantastic weekend!

00:5902:29 Midnight Faces – Feeling Like A Stranger
03:0604:10 Young Mister -Anybody Out There
06:4907:31 Osaka – Weights
07:3410:29 A-Gon – Her Smile
10:3115:08 Broke For Free – Golden Hour
15:0818:41 Sappheiros – In This Moment
21:1223:00 Dream Beaches – Habits
22:5825:13 NoSo – I Love the Mountains

Keep up to date with UniTV at:
Email: unitvlive@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unitvlive
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/unitvlive
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/unitv


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