‘People Pieces’ Street Photography

Went on a street photography session in Brighton to see what images that I could take to invoke my emotions. After having the fun day out, I came to Photoshop to bring what was in my head to life! As a result, I give you ‘People Pieces’.

Here is a quick breakdown on how these were achieved:


DSC00120 P1.JPG

Initial Colour Pass and Crop

DSC00120 P2.jpg

Subject isolation: the clone stamp tool was used to remove the subject’s friend and the subject were isolated away from their shoes.

DSC00120 P3.jpg

Subject splicing: cutting the subject into separate pieces on each of their own layers. The background behind them was made using the clone stamp tool.

DSC00120 P4.jpg

Depth Painting: the brush tool was used to paint the “other side” of the subject to build depth. These paint layers then had a noise and blur filter applied to them to match the in camera noise.

DSC00120 P5.jpg

Final Colour Pass: Curves and Hue and Saturation effects were used on particular hue selections to give the dress a pinker feel and make the skin less yellow (which had been reflected by the stones).

DSC00120 P6.jpg

For more information about the project and its intents, click here!


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