Moving Light Drawings

Seen moving light videos before? They have a very distinctive look where shadows create depths that your mind tends to mistake for movement. A brilliant example can be seen in Nacho Guzman’s music video for ‘Sparkles and Wine – Opale’.

I wanted to take this idea and combine it with my scribble animation style. I don’t own a spinning light/cookie rig, so instead I resulted to stop motion to get the effect. I’d act out the same motion at 8 different lighting positions, then in After Effects, cut the clips together so that the motions is near seamless.


Using Photoshop, I then drew over the highlights in each frame to give the desired effect.

Scribble Breaths V1_speedy_GIF.gif

And after all that, even had some nice footage left over for a nice portrait shot!

C0008 (0-00-02-09)_editted_2


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