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At Bubble Light Productions, we think it’s important to keep our rates simple. A day’s filming includes essential equipment set. Additional options for our other equipment are listed below.

1 Days Filming £320
Equipped with a Sony a7s and unique vintage lenses.

1 Days Editing £280
All post-production (grading / visual fx / editing / motion graphics)

Equipment Options

Essential: Sony a7s, beautiful vintage lenses, Manfrotto tripod and shoulder rig
Stability (+£70): Essential + DJI Ronin M gimbal stabiliser
Light (+100): Essential + variety of option lighting e.g. softboxes / umbrella / screens
360 (+£50): Essential + 360° camera and invisible mount
Underwater (+£150): Sony a5100, beautiful vintage lenses and waterproof container

Other options available for discussion, such as projectors / green screens / dollies


Contact Info

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