Grade: BBQ Etiquette

BBQ Etiquette Synopsis

A warm summers day introduces a group of close friends that are having a BBQ in their back garden. All is well until they all decide they want to kill each other, resulting in a hyper violent carnage inspired by ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’…


In terms of the colour, the idea was to take the colour and push them to there extreme, pumping the saturation and highlight specific items/movements for clarity.
Since there was so much movement in this piece, making key elements in the image stand out and clear.

The use of almost over saturating the image was to make the film seem light and almost childish. There was some fairly graphic content in the short, so we wanted to make sure it stayed light hearted and uplifting, hence we pulled the colours up for an almost childish feeling.

You can find the BBQ Etiquette page at the link below:

Or simply watch it here