Grade: Harry Bot 9000

Harry Bot 9000 Synopsis

Falling into the world of a broken man, we are dragged through his shattered pieces as others around attempt to fix him.

Harry Bot 9000 is the story of Harry, who believes he is a robot. We join Lucy as she attempts to bring Harry back into reality.


Colour grading ‘Harry Bot 9000’ felt very different from most projects. The imagery was designed to feel very exact and precise to reflect a mechanical process, but at the same time present very human emotions and actions. The final aim was to create imagery that found a comfortable but edgy place between these two extremes.

The colours in the film were a key concept which were to be used to create visual links for the audience, so it was important throughout to make sure that the wrong colours weren’t present in imagery that did not reflect the emotional stimulant associated with that colour. This meant that whenever a character was thinking about the future, there had to be predominantly green in the image, any red objects would have to been desaturated or had their hue translated.

There were three colours that played a key role in the film, green, red and blue (not just in terms of RGB colour grading). Each colour was used to demonstrate a character’s emotional state; green was used to show that they’d let their past go and were thinking about their future, red represented mental stagnation which lead to depression and blue was used to show when a character was thinking about the past. This is why blue is often found in the shadows of a lot of the shots, as both the characters are haunted by their past.

You can find the Harry Bot 9000 page at the link below:

You can watch the final film here