Seb Cox
Director / DoP / Visual Effects / Runner

My work is mostly built on inspiring an underlying emotional response within an audience.

If I was to summarise my style, it’d be; I tend to work with handheld camera, gimbal or tripod, either giving the audience the feeling of a personal and natural interaction with characters when handheld is used. When using tripod or gimbal, the purpose is usually for clarity, and to highlight particular elements/actions in the frame.

Mostly I work with natural light, soft fluorescence and LED lights to achieve a very organic and immersive effect into the world. However I try to find ways to manipulate the light subtly so that the audience subconsciously feel a change in emotion when required.

Image systems are a large part of my work. I tend to make visual links with particular emotions earlier on – later replicating framing and lighting to bring back the earlier emotions and imagery for the viewer. This makes the later defining moment in a film more impactful.

I tend to jump around with genres within my work. One month I’d be making a heart wrenching drama and the next, a no mercy action comedy sequence. I love this inconsistency as it allows me to push my skillset to opposing extremes and always keep my mind working out new ways to approach a project.

Seb Cox – Showreel 2015

You can find articles on my work under the ‘Videography’ tab above, where you can browse ‘Music Videos’, ‘Short Films’ and ‘Web Series’ that I’ve worked on.

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