BBQ Etiquette

A warm summers day introduces a group of close friends that are having a BBQ in their back garden. All is well until they all decide they want to kill each other, resulting in a hyper violent carnage inspired by ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’…

BBQ Etiquette Main Poster

After watching ‘Kingsman’, my friends and I wanted to unleash some action, so within a week we got together and filmed ‘BBQ Etiquette’ based off of the style of the ‘Kingsman’ church fight scene!

BBQ Etiquette won Best Visual FX at Screentest: The National Student Film Festival on the 16th April 2016.

NOM VFX 2016 (0-00-00-00) (0-00-00-00)


Directed and Edited by Seb Cox
Camera (and Sound) Assistant, Joanna Kmiec

(In order of death)

Laurence McCartney
Maddie Fleming
Jake Roberts
James Hammond
Alex Miles
Andrew McGrath
Olivia Sewell
Robbie Gough
Eliot Stidder
Korbinian Cox

Still Pluto – Bitter Pill feat. Vosmoy
Still Pluto – Open Up Your Eyes

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