Digging a Hole

Bill Stevens is a farmer from Somerset, who’s wife, Anna Stevens, committed adultery with Chuckles the travelling Clown. After this, Bill is set on a murderous rampage where he kills anyone that wrongs him with an end goal of finding Chuckles in Eastbourne (a washed down sea side holiday town) and getting his sweet revenge once and for all.

During Bill’s search, he comes across a student film crew that have been set the project of making a documentary. Due to Bill’s individual appearance, they are drawn to him and begin learning about his past life and goals.

Noticing missing residence in Eastbourne, PC Treadwell is homing in on Bill’s actions to stop him from killing again. PC Treadwell battles against disbelief as the rest of the police department conclude that the missing people are all strange coincidences, will PC Treadwell stop Bill before he finds Chuckles? Or will Bill have another body to dig a hole for?

Digging a Hole Poster Main 1


Written and Directed by Seb Cox

Bill Stevens by Laurence McCartney
PC Treadwell by Andrew McGrath
Chuckles The Clown by Korbinian Cox
Anna Stevens by Ella Dorman-Gajic
PC Nicholson by Cameron Faulkner

Robbie Gough
Jack McColm
Chelase Willgrass
Yushan He
Jessica Windham
Molly Wilson
Richard Cox
Jake Roberts
Vivien Cox
Glenda McCartney
Steve Jaggers

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