Harry Bot 9000

Falling into the world of a broken man, we are dragged through his shattered pieces as others around attempt to fix him.

Harry Bot 9000 is the story of Harry, who believes he is a robot. We join Lucy as she attempts to bring Harry back into reality.

Harry Bot 9000 is a passion piece that explores the use of colour and discontinuities to understand a tortured mind with suppressed memories.

After over two long years alongside educational studies, ‘Harry Bot 9000’ has finally been completed! Pre production lasted one and a half years, perfecting the story, concepts, costume design and casting. Filming took place over two months and post production lasted over 150 days.

Harry Bot 9000 – Award-Winning Short Film

Awards and Achievements

‘Harry Bot 9000’ was awarded Highly Commended in Best Film and was nominated for Best Drama, Best Script and Best Score at Screentest 2017.

Highly Commended Best Film_white


‘Harry Bot 9000’ won Best Production/Editing at the High Country Film Festival 2016.

High Country Film Festival Laurel

Official Trailer

Demo Trailer

Written and Directed by Seb Cox


Harry by John Andrews
Lucy by Olivia Sewell
Psychiatrist by Laurence McCartney


Camera Assistant and Sound Recordist by Cameron Faulkner
Running and Sound Recordist by Robbie Gough
Running by Jessica Marshall
Running and Location by Kathrin Ruhl
Running and Sparking by Korbinian Cox
Sound Recordist by Sarah Craig
Running by Chelsea Willgrass
Running and Sparking by Charlie Welford
Running by Lauren Wilford
Running by Anastasia Tsolaki
Sound Recordist by Max Greenland
Props by Richard Cox
Assistant Editor and Polish Translator by Joanna Suchomska


johnny_ripper – Halls of Science
johnny_ripper – Lumiére
johnny_ripper – Im not here
Sergey Cheremisinov – Fragile Ice
johnny_ripper – gaël
Lee Rosevere – It’s Such a Beautiful Day
The OO-Ray – Silhouettes

Trailer Music: Kai Engel – Summer Days

Bubble Light ©

Behind The Scenes

You can also see the Harry Bot 9000 grade before and after right here:

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