Seagull Man

Seagull Man, the hero that Brighton didn’t ask for, but the hero that Brighton needs.
A local film crew documented the Brighton hero’s daily activities…

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‘Seagull Man’ is designed to be a fast turn around comedy project, highlighting the distress of Brightonians due to their relationship with the neighbourhood pest, seagulls.


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Seagull Man: The Brighton Superhero

**Yes, all rubbish thrown in this video was later recycled**
We hope you enjoy this fun little project!

Seagull Man: Freshers’ Safety [Commercial]

Awards and Achievements

‘Seagull Man: The Brighton Superhero’ won Best Comedy and was nominated for Committee’s Choice at Screentest 2017.

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News Articles

Brighton Journal
University of Sussex
University of Sussex FLINT magazine
Juice Radio Interview

Preproduction Sketches

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Seagull Man – John Andrews
Director – Seb Cox
Camera Operator – Cameron Faulkner
1st Assistant Camera and Extra – Maddie Fleming
Runner and Extra – Sulekha Kaur Takhtar
Makeup – Hannah White
2nd Assistant Camera and Extra – James Surdam
Runner and Extra – Julia Pollard
Props – Richard Cox

Welcome Wizard – Twelve Diseases
Origamibiro – Ballerina Platform Shoes Set In Sand Remix

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