Science Shows

Being an undergraduate in Physics and large skill range in filmmaking makes the perfect combination for video sciencey information bites!

Currently we are working with UniTV on their long running show, ‘Science Uncovered’.

How Many Particles Are You Made Of?

We explore possible ways of counting the number of stones on Brighton beach, take a brief look at subatomic particles and of course, find out the number of particles you’re made from!

Camera work: Bet Fowler
Sound: Kristina Saxelby
Runner: Kristina Saxelby
Producer: Seb Cox
Editor: Seb Cox
Presenter: Seb Cox
Graphics/Animation: Seb Cox

What is Colour?

Have you ever thought about what colour really is? We explore the basics and advanced physics of how colours work.

Camerawork: Stavros Anagnou and Sebastian Cox
Producer: Nas Hoque
Editor: Sebastian Cox
Presenter: Sebastian Cox and Kristina Nicole Dobrowolny
Graphics/Animation: Sebastian Cox

We are looking forward to working on many more science videos in the future!