Super Meegaboom

Super Meegaboom is a mysterious super hero. He appeared on earth to fight crime and cleanse the world of evil. But as time goes on, he finds his powers fading…

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All the way back in 2010 Super Meegaboom was a action comedy web series made by a couple of mates and some spare time. We hope you enjoy our crazy adventures!

Episode 1

The newest super hero is on the block, with two deadly tassels, he’ll put you back in your place! Meegaboom!

Episode 2

This snow filled action episode is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit!

Episode 3

This is Super Meegaboom Episode 3 in the Super Meegaboom series, where people that he has previously fought in earlier battles have joined together to fight Super Meegaboom! Laurence, one of the gang members that Super Meegaboom has fought before is now the leader of there gang and has become stronger since him and Super Meegaboom last met. Not only this but Laurence has brought a secret weapon with him to try and even the odds!

Episode 4

What has happened to Super Meegaboom!? He has been shot (from episode 3)! And at all times, his brother, Titanic Grinder, has decided to fight Super Meegaboom over whether the earth is to be destroyed or whether it will be saved!

It is up to Super Meegaboom to fight off his brother and save the earth! Can Super Meegaboom protect us all, or will he be beaten to a pulp!? Find out in this episode of Super Meegaboom!

Episode 4.5

After Super Meegaboom had been beaten by Titanic Grinder, Super Meegaboom is left with no hope of saving the world. Forced out to live on the streets, Super Meegaboom has to busk for money, as his only source of income. In his attempts to gain a bit of dosh, he comes across a fellow busker (a rather large chicken). Finding that the chicken is taking his audience away, Super Meegaboom decides to kindly ask the chicken to move down the street. The chicken isn’t happy with this suggestion and is rude back to Super Meegaboom!

The fight is on between Super Meegaboom and a Large Chicken!

Episode 5

This is what you’ve all been waiting for! Super Meegaboom Episode 5 is here, and has followed on from episode 4 (and 4.5). Super Meegaboom has been beaten by Titanic Grinder! Super Meegaboom’s weapons, tassels, have been destroyed and Titanic Grinder is going to end the world! Doesn’t look like it can get much worse… or can it!?

Episode 6

This is the finale to the Super Meegaboom series and we hope to go out on a BANG!

After Chelsea was captured by Titanic Grinder, it’s up to Super Meegaboom to rescue her, and stop Titanic Grinder from taking over the world!!!

Behind The Scenes

This is the behind the scenes look at our successful series, Super Meegaboom!

I hope that you continue to watch the series, with a little inside look of the filming days, and how organised we are!

Promo Video

This is just a short compilation of the Super Meegaboom series, so far!

Episode 6 Trailer

I hope that this short but sweet trailer wets your appetite for the up coming Super Meegaboom Finale!